The PIN Magazine April 2017

Dear Esteemed Readers,

In honor of the anniversary of the passing of the Fair Housing Act and in remembrance of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, April is set aside as National Fair Housing Month. This is an important month for African Americans because historically we have experienced the pain and humiliation of job discrimination, housing discrimination, credit discrimination, and even discrimination against our very freedom.

Every imaginable strategy has been employed by those in power to deny housing to African Americans. They have employed black codes to restrict our participation in society, the full right to own property, the right to make contracts, travel or live in white communities, implementation of deed restrictions, redlining and unfair and predatory lending practices, appraising practicing, credit scoring, the outright denial of home loans based on race, and the refusal to even sell or rent to African Americans. Our government and many financial institutions and industries in the private sector have done everything they can through collaboration, legal and political action to keep us down, but like the phoenix from the ashes we rise.

Housing is the number-one burden on the mind of every grown man and women, mother and father, and even child. We all need shelter and protection from the elements, and we need to build wealth and leave an inheritance for our children. Owning a home is the beginning to building wealth for most minorities. Owning land is a divine imperative that is rooted in biblical principles. God has given us land to own and to use to prosper. But are we prospering? Are we homeowners? Are we building wealth? The answer is complicated, but simply stated it is no on all fronts for many African Americans.

So this month I am excited to bring you a variety of articles on the subject of fair housing. This month we will reveal Wells Fargo’s $60 billion homeowner program for minorities and what kind of changes it will bring. In this up-and-down economy we talk about ways to save your home from foreclosure, reveal how Trump’s decision to suspend the mortgage premium cut has affected America, and much much more. On the cover is Shanna Smith, the president of National Fair Housing. We talk in depth about the significant accomplishments she has set for many American women.

Lastly, thank you for your continued support and readership. Our team is dedicated to you. We want the best from you so we are dedicated to bringing the best of us.

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Eric Lawrence Frazier
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