The PIN Magazine October 2016

The end of this year is near, which means it is time for cold days to kick in; dog days are behind us. With the new elections coming our way, we as possible voters are starting to feel pressured by the love/hate relationship between the two presidential candidates. People are tangled in their web, caught up in their “little war” Who will get the seat in the White House? The whole world is watching to see who will lead the free world. As I said in a previous issue, while I cannot tell you how to exercise your right to vote, I would still urge you to choose the lesser of two evils. Cast your vote but do so wisely.

The end of the years does not mean the end of convention season. We are still going strong. Your next stop is Las Vegas, “Like No Other” 2016 AREAA National Convention. It takes place on October, from 21st until 23rd and it is full of promising ideas and gaining experience. The game plan for this 3-day convention is full of varieties, from networking, education and cultural exposure for the real estate, and our passion for it. I really hope you can attend!

And talking about passion for real estate, we have brought you as usual in this issue of The PIN Magazine themes of your highest interest. As you got used to, we will provide you with all necessary information about real estate talk in this issue, passionately explaining all the hard work behind the word real estate. You will learn where Sacramento stands in relation to the real estate market. Also, it will be discussed the persisting low inventory situation in the US and if you think of buying a house for the first time and you are worried about how things will work in financial options, then you must find this issue helpful because we have the talk about some financial options for firs time homebuyer. Moreover, you’ll learn about some financial options for your investment. Real estate investors in another important part of the issue, and if you want to enter into real estate market learn about the art of becoming real estate investor.

We will have the part II of the Diversity and Inclusion in Mortgage Banking article written by our excellent contributor Sharon Bartlett, and a beautiful reflection about faith in homeownership written by Diatra Simpson from DLS Inspirations.
As I have been reserving a lot of questions regarding the best way to promote your blog, there will be answers to all the questions on how to promote your blog, with a few extra tips.

I hope you will find this issue of the magazine helpful and full of absorbing information for your fill of real estate Cup and of course I am ready to assist you when you want it. Remember, I am one click away if you need some guidance or a piece of advice. You can always reach me at and I’ll be happy to assist you.

Last, but not least, I would like to mention the upcoming Thanksgiving Giveaway held by the Fair Housing Council of Riverside on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016. For more information visit the page 38. If possible, please participate and contribute with your valuable support and contributions to make it a success. Thank you for your dedicated readership; I look forward to speaking with you, and bear in mind, The Power Is Now!

Eric Lawrence Frazier MBA