Why Going Green Is Important for Commercial Real Estate in 2017

Take a look at what is happening. One thing that is so evident is the fact that going green is not just about the environment any more. Firms have realized that going green is a culture that needs to be cultivated – it is about helping employees reach their best. In addition to being kind to nature, it is a motivating factor to the employees.

People have taken this initiative to a completely different level and have come up with great definitions of a green economy and a green work place. It is not about plants. Simply printing fewer papers and using updated lighting are just two of the initiatives that the green economy focuses on.

Giving less for more

When “greening”, you are required to actually do less, and the returns that you will get are tremendous. It provides cost-effective opportunities for most businesses by the provision of energy saving systems; also, the materials used can prove quite cost-effective.

Commercial real estate is an area that green measures have been well embraced in. And many experts agree that getting more listings may be based on your green strategies. Here is what Roland Macias has to say about the green revolution:

“If you properly know how to use your GREEN designation and green lending, it’s going to get you more listings, this gives you a special edge versus other agents because now you have a way to finance these things without the seller having to do it.”

Green measures will put you in a front row seat for gaining a competitive edge in CRE.

Giving the industry a surviving chance

Green technology is a competitive technology that requires everyone’s undivided attention. Look at green technology this way: it is a second chance for the industry, a surviving chance. According to James Mitchell, Green CEO of renewablue,

“If we can’t take the parallel [tracks] into one, our entire industry is at risk.”

If the industry is to survive, then real estate agents should begin seeing green expertise in relation as of equal importance to all other services to their clients.

Green initiatives have also led to the strengthening of leadership in the CRE industry. The industry realtors are the pillars and the vanguards of the industry, helping it stand against the oncoming wave across the country.

Investment in CRE – Green technology considered

“Greening” has proven itself worthy insofar as investment is considered. People have now realized that it is important to embrace an energy-saving culture. However, many people think that what you go for right now to save energy, like solar panels, should come first; in reality, though, that is what should be your last agenda.

In recent years, investment in CRE has risen quite well, placing it first in a fast-paced world. Clients are drawn to measures that will help conserve the environment and this makes them feel safer. Therefore, the investment is more rewarding. When considering the cost, clients will certainly want to go for measures that will cut costs significantly, thus placing the green revolution as an integral part of CRE. However, for this to work, the “greening” measures have to be used for the right kind of buildings.

Green commercial real estate has been embraced nationally, but “greening” has enabled it to reach local programs. Commercial real estate is far more reaching to the local environs and both the government and businesses are embracing it positively. Basically, the real estate pros should know at the local level what strategies to implement and what to leave behind.

Minor changes that will bring difference

There are some minor changes in the industry that will actually bring more differences to the industry. When you look at the lighting sector, updating your lighting to adapt to the green measures could do a lot more good in the industry.

Also, in the same manner, energy saving measures would also encourage workers’ productivity, encouraging the workers to leave working tools, like computers, off and also keeping lights off to help save energy.

People have now shifted from a traditional way of doing things where there was much paperwork. When this is prevalent, it was good to think twice about printing. It is much more efficient in terms of savings and nowadays more and more business have realized that this is the only way to go.

Final verdict

Going green as an industry has helped so much in the opportunities available both on the local and national levels, and as such it has helped to tap all the available resources, resulting in a much better and more efficient way to do business. Commercial real estate is an industry with so much potential, and one way to make sure that this potential is well utilized is by making sure that green measures are widely adopted and harnessed to the advantage of the industry.