This smart home tech can help you win clients

Smart homes and the gadgets that go with them are game-changers which are increasingly shaping the ways and means of our modern-day living.

In one recent study, Forrester Research projected that the number of smart devices in U.S. homes would balloon to 244 million by 2022. Should this forecast hold true, it would be a whopping 480 percent five-year growth from the 42 million gadgets recorded in American homes in 2017.

Realtors, brokers, and agents, of course, are savvy enough to recognize that the cutting-edge technologies finding their way into today’s home are potent platforms by which to win clients. So let’s take a look at some currently popular smart home devices which can very well serve as apt gifts to clients after a closed deal. Many such gadgets are surprisingly affordable and could be complemented by some advice on other smart-home devices best-suited to the homes you’re selling.

Mobile Yonomi app

You don’t have to spend money gifting smart home devices to endear yourself to clients. Even a simple tip to them about the mobile app Yonomi could do the trick.

This freely available app makes smart home gadgets work together, enabling its user to control the devices from one place. It creates a personal routine for the user, such as a sequential turning on of music, the heater, and the coffeemaker in the morning. This app has an Android and an iOS version as well as skills for Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

WeMo Switch Smart Plug

Home automation becomes even more convenient and easy with the WeMo Switch Smart Plug. It does not even need a physical hub or subscription, as it simply connects via an existing home Wi-Fi network. Through WeMo, you can wirelessly and remotely control lights and such appliances as heaters, lamps, and fans.

This device is affordably priced at $35 and would make a great present as an upgrade to smart home devices your client may already have. WeMo also notably works with Google and Amazon Alexa through voice commands.

Connected Car Adapter

Automatic Labs has a device to integrate smart home tech into cars through its Connected Car Adapter, which is available for just a shade under $100. This auto adapter not only provides diagnostics on engine issues and safety but also on such concerns as parking and gas station locations. This device can also link to your home appliances and remotely control them wherever you are.

Clearly, smart home technology still has a long way to go as we see the development of more and more interlinked consumer products able to communicate with each other via innovative systems and devices. All these are no longer novelties or frivolous fads, but already part and parcel of the cutting-edge lifestyle of our 21st century.