The CEO Corner

The CEO Corner is my way of reaching out to my valued readers to give you insight into what is going on at The Power Is Now, Inc. The mission of The Power Is Now, Inc., is to inspire, educate, and empower real estate professionals and consumers to build wealth through real estate with information, services, and support that will give them the power to act now for their future.


I am excited to announce that the mortgage division of the Power Is Now will be “live” on Facebook every Tuesday night at 7PM CST, answering questions about all aspects of buying a home, such as financing a home, the selection of the home, underwriting criteria and credit restoration. We will be answering any and all questions that a first time homebuyer might have when thinking about purchasing a home.

This is a FREE webinar that anyone can join, and you do not have to register or become a member. Please tune in, listen, and ask me any questions via Facebook. I am happy to help you.

Regarding the Power Is Now online radio and online TV, we have started a series of interviews with leaders of the California Real Estate Brokers, which is the state chapter of the National Real Estate Brokers. This is the New Year, and that means it is membership drive time. Our goal is to help real estate professionals and consumers understand what the value proposition is for membership in the California Real Estate Brokers. You cannot be a member of the state chapter without being a member of the national chapter. So in essence we will be talking about the value proposition of Narab and encouraging professionals throughout the state of California to join the state association by joining a local chapter.


The Power Is Now has a “homebuyer’s” church initiative in which we are reaching out to pastors in African-American communities in California and conducting homebuyer’s workshops at various churches. These homebuyer’s workshops will be dealing with the A-Zs of homeownership, with an emphasis on “no money down”. The reason for this is particularly because in the African-American community, we have challenges with homeownership. The rate of homeownership with African Americans is now 41.7% and falling.  We at the Power Is Now want to try to change that by providing minorities with information about “no” down payment assistance or “low” down payment programs to qualify them to getting into a home. Our church initiative started last year, and this year we will be in both northern and southern California. We look forward to speaking with your church and community members and assisting in a home loan for them.

Business Planning:

I am happy to be alive in 2017 and doing well. The key to our success as a company is having a solid, well-thought-out business plan. There are all kinds of business plans: there are long business plans as well as short ones. The key to a successful business is that you do what’s in it. If you attempt to do what you plan to do, you have to be realistic about what it is that you want to accomplish. I would say that if you want to stay on track for 2017, then drill it down to the top three things you want to accomplish for the year.

For us, these are our top three priorities, comprising 90% of our 2017 business plan:

1. The Power Is Now wants to raise our brand recognition and social media presence online. We have hired a social media manager to assist us in doing just that as well as invested a lot more money in SEO.

2. We are aiming to grow our mortgage production for the Power Is Now. Our strategy to do that is to work through churches, particularly the African American communities in the state of California. In addition to that we are going to be expanding to other states and we are going to carry on and continue that same strategy working with churches. We will be speaking with church groups and non-profit groups talking about homeownership and how to get into a home with no money down.

3. We want to expand our real estate division. The Power Is Now has a real estate division that is focused on buyers. So we are not a traditional listing agency, we are a buyer’s agency. Our mission as a real estate company is to work with first-time homebuyers and assist them with finding properties that are affordable in order to enter into homeownership in a sustainable way. We want our clients to buy right and work in conjunction with The Power Is Now to make sure they have the financing and down payment assistance they need.

So if you are thinking about growing your business and taking it to the next level without experiencing another year of not getting anything done, the key is refine it to your top three things: those three things that will move the needle of your business, things that will add to the level of your profitability, grow your brand, and bring in more customers immediately.

I promise you that if you do this, you will not go wrong. You will achieve your goals because less is more. So it does not matter if you are a real estate broker or individual agent, you are running the business and you need to have a plan.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with each and every one of you this year. Let’s make it a year to remember.

I am Eric Frazier, and this is The CEO Corner.

** The vision of the Power Is Now is to be a powerful resource for real estate professionals and consumers to buy and/or sell real estate to achieve their personal, family, and business goals to build wealth and leave an inheritance and legacy for their families.