Should You Invest in a Green Home?

We have been given resources that sustain our health, homes, and environment. Accessibility to these resources will not last forever, so it is advised that we make a conscious effort to minimize our impact on them. Since the start of Industrial Revolution, populations have been increasing, vastly impacting the relationship between human beings, the earth, and ecology. The population grew to about 700 million people in the mid-1700s. The number of people in the world at that time and the rapid increase in human development greatly affected the depletion of resources in our environment.

In the 21st century, there are activist groups, advocates, and organizations that spread awareness about being more eco-friendly and working towards a sustainable lifestyle. There are choices and cutbacks to be made in order for this to be a lifestyle. One way to start is by choosing the right kind of home to live in. A green home will make a great alternative and is good for the environment.

What is a Green Home?

According to the EPA, “Green building is the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient.” A green home is a dwelling structure that conserves energy, water, and other resources. It is a progressive effort towards a sustainable lifestyle. The materials used for green homes are non-toxic, making it suitable for anyone to live in the home.

The Cost of Green Homes

People may have a general interest in buying green homes. However, the cost of the green home tends to deter people from actually buying one. Building a green home does not have to be expensive. Just like building a regular house, the design, the size of the house, and the materials required all play a part in the expense of the green home. Essentially, the materials used for the green homes are recyclable and easier to replace. Money spent on maintenance and repairs should be spent wisely as energy and gas should be used minimally.

To cut back on costs, it is recommended to buy energy-saving appliances that conserve water, electricity, and gas. Installing solar panels is a good long-term solution for energy reliance. The sun release four million tons of energy every second! As humans, we use less than .0001% of that power. It generally costs between $500-$2,244 per year to maintain a green home if its sustainable materials are durable, good quality, and have optimal performance.

Why Should People Invest in Green Homes?

A green home is a good investment for many reasons. There are many benefits for the homeowners, and of course also for the environment. The first reason to consider is the quality of life. Although air pollution can be a major problem, living in a green home will reduce the toxins in the air, allowing homeowners to breathe fresh air. In addition to the quality of life, green homes have better ventilation because of the natural resources. Another reason to invest in a green home is to conserve our planet’s natural resources.

In the construction of the green home, everything from the design plan to the construction should match sustainable and efficient qualifications and must be certified. Unfortunately, there are buildings in a fresh new phase that are being labeled as “green certified”, which is very misleading. Overall, owning a green home shows the advocacy of the sustainable future. The decision to invest in one can persuade others to do their research and see the benefits it has on the environment and for homeowners.

Although the Industrial Revolution contributed to the overuse of natural resources and the emission of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases, it is still possible to live a lifestyle that supports the environment. Investing in green homes saves money and resources, and increases value in the housing market. Green homes are durable, so they are a long-term investment. They contribute to the world by promoting sustainability, which is very important for our environment.