Leonardo Pareja, NAHREP President 2017

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals boasts a growing partnership of professional Hispanic men and women seeking to make homeownership a realistic goal and a proud accomplishment for Hispanic families in the United States. For an association with a dedicated, long-term mission, it is important to be lead by someone who has shown similar commitment and diligence throughout their real estate career. Leo Pareja, NAHREP President in 2017, has a long track record of hard work and a clear path of advancement in the world of real estate, mostly working out of the Washington, D.C. area. He has been owner of or partner in every company he has worked for, and has a celebrated an award-winning past as an entrepreneur.

Career History

He began his career at the age of 19, and with inspiration and a push from the 2002-2006 real estate boom, closed on almost 4,000 homes in just fifteen short years. This lead to Pareja being named the number one Keller Williams associate worldwide in 2010. He channeled his entrepreneurial spirit and carefully built a real estate dream team. Pareja’s team was marked at #5 in the Wall Street Journal’s list of the 1,000 best real estate teams in 2011.

In 2012, his dream pushed him to co-found Washington Capital Partners, a private lending company, and he set out to help single family residence investors afford their vision of buying, flipping, and then selling or owning a home. This helped Pareja invest in other investors with similar drive and spirit. Pareja believed in this vision, and his diligence helped make Washington Capital Partners one of the largest lenders in the region.

Experience and Leadership

Besides his rigorous experience in the real estate field, Pareja brings another modern attribute to the table. He is the CEO of Remine, a Real Estate Intelligence that offers a new, creative, technological spin on modern real estate. The company uses an online digital interface to compile individual property data in an innovative pattern, presenting the predictive, informative visual data to real estate investors at the click of a button. This method not only takes some of the footwork out of the long hours spent evaluating properties and determining proprietary value but also offers an advanced visual opportunity to real estate investors and agents alike. This leadership experience and ingenious example of Pareja’s work infers that he has an in-depth understanding of technology and is a creative visionary in the world of real estate.

In addition to his well-deserved leadership role with NAHREP, Pareja is also an indispensable member of the NRBA (National REO Brokers Association) and the NAR (National Association of Realtors).

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals has been delivering real estate assistance to Hispanic Families for over 18 years. The past five years have seen an incredible boost in business, making this year an important one for Pareja. He stated in his president’s message that this year’s main objective is to be “intent on ensuring a government focus that preserves access to homeownership for first-time buyers and encourages small business growth, and does so without disrupting the country’s economic system.”


Pareja offers an invaluable type of leadership to NAHREP. His innovative drive to deliver top-notch technology is ever-important for the business in a rapidly advancing society. He has the business connections, drive, and creativity to completely re-create the real estate field. Offering real estate assistance to the Hispanic families of the United States is important, as the real estate market can be tricky and unwelcoming, especially for minorities. Pareja offers a heartfelt, intelligent helping hand, both personally and in the way he conducts his business ventures.