How to style up your outdoors

Have you ever walked into a compound and found tools strewn all over, garden untended and the compound looking shabby? Even picturing it is not a pleasing thought. Our outdoors say as much as our houses do, they are indeed the first appearance one gets of your home and we all know how much first appearances matter. Landscaping is not easy and not a job for everyone, it is also quite tasking. Hiring an expert to tend to your outdoor may also be quite tasking. So how then are you supposed to make your outdoor presentable in a cost-efficient way? Luckily there some few tips and tricks to this, be it large spaces or small spaces, there is always a way to spruce up your outdoors.

Lay grass

This is vital especially if the compound is spacious. The green has a way to make the compound look well-tended, cared for and even loved. The grass is inexpensive and buying seedlings and planting them makes the land not as bare as it would be without. Manicured lawns have a common feature of high-quality grass that is always well-tended and watered. The green color also attracts the eye and makes one appreciate the landscape more than one would be it bare. Lay fresh grass on your compound after tilling it to ensure it grows well and all over the place instead of in patches as it sometimes tends to do making for an unappealing sight.

Patio Setting

Your patio setting sets the ambiance you want to elude. One can create a party mood, a relaxed mood, a romantic mood and so forth just by the kind of patio setting you choose to have. The arrangement is not only important but so is the furniture as well. Placing high tables and high stools make for party moods while having dining sets could make for romantic or family moods. Depending on what furniture you choose to incorporate in your patio and how you arrange it sets the moods you hope to create. Be creative with this and get furniture that is timeless and also strong enough to withstand the elements.


The lighting you choose is also key. Choose lights that are bright and luminescent to create open spaces and warm hues to create a cozy feel. The front porch of homes requires lighting not just for security but also to create a homey ambiance. It would not be a pleasant ordeal to stumble upon a flowerpot or trip on shoes because you can’t see your front porch. Lighting is also quite welcoming and inviting. A simple light at the entrance will suffice for homes with small spaces while homes with plenty of space could light the path to the house or have lights at different positions of the compound. This also makes the outdoor look quite pleasant especially at night with a well-lit tended compound. For security reasons, motion detector lights are widely available in the market and serve two purposes. Laying out lit lanterns occasionally can also create such a beautiful sight.

Flower Gardens

There is nothing quite welcoming than a well-tended blooming flower garden. The scents and colors should be put into consideration as not all flowers are particularly pleasant to smell or see. Pick your favorite flowers and lay them out in your garden and tend to them constantly watering and weeding them. Small spaces also have the advantage of this as flower pots are quite common and one can lay out their flowers just the same. Be cautious to water them as negligence could mean your guests are welcomed with dead flowers. Get cacti or other succulent plants if the watering seems like a tedious job or forgetfulness burdens your mind. There is no way you can go wrong with flowers as long as they are properly placed, tended and catered for. Flower baskets are also an option, these are great as they can be hanged and present an even better appearance. Brightly colored flowers are recommended as they are more cheery and welcoming. Having garden paths is another option. “If the path is beautiful, let us not ask where it leads,” suggested French author Anatole France. A good path doesn’t just take us from one point to another; it gives coherence and purpose to a garden, while gently persuading us to explore further.

Vegetable Patches

You have got to consider this because it will not only make your outdoors look great but also provide you with fresh kitchen ingredients. Nothing tastes quite like farm fresh vegetables and you can have your own little vegetable garden to work with within your compound. Products like green onions, kales, tomatoes, vegetables and other products can be grown. The best thing about having a vegetable garden is that when you have partitioned a specific portion of your compound for this it will always look catered for, even when there no plants and it is freshly tilled. Partition it by laying some pebbles along the border in a pleasant manner and you have your very own vegetable garden. This will not require so much work besides watering and can be tended over the weekends. Getting a trough flower pot could also double as a vegetable garden for those with small spaces.

Homes are a reflection of the personalities of the owners, how it is presented portrays the kind of person the homeowner is. It does not take much time to spruce up your outdoor, it may take less than a week or days and you have a beautiful compound to boast about for a long while. Doing DIYs for the outdoors is also great, making small stone arrangements and laying them artistically is a great idea as well. Catering for your outdoor is as vital as catering for your indoor and as much as you decorate your indoors when you ignore your outdoor that creates an impression on your guests. Have fun with it, have friends over, do it with family or get the kids to help. You may find it turns out to be a fun activity that you’ll enjoy and definitely be satisfied by the results of your work on your home. Be it a rental or own compound they’re ideas aplenty on how to style and decorate your outdoor. Consider the space, the ambiance you want to create and the features you’d like to stand out. Most of all, style it to represent your personal taste and style.