Home improvement shows you can broadcast on Netflix

Have you always wanted to improve the quality and beauty of your home? Or perhaps do you have a property that investors have written off?  Have you even given up hope that nothing can be done about it? Don’t throw in the towel just yet! Home improvement shows that promise to give life and beauty to your home beckons to you on Netflix.

Watch the impossible become possible, and see how your jaws drop in awe as unbelievable transformations are brought to you at your convenience.  Without further ado, sit back, relax and stream some mind blowing home improvement shows on Netflix.

You live in what?

Can dilapidated commercial spaces be transformed into unique homes? This show answers your questions.

Meet Tony Frassrand and Tom Creehan as they define what you live in. From an ice cream factory or what have you, to a home, these undaunted visionaries believe that everything is possible in the home improvement world.

Watch as imagination, vigor and authenticity are put to play to bring about affordable transformation. This HGTV series premiered in 2012 and had three seasons, which are available on Netflix.

Small Space, Big Style

You can still have your desired dream home irrespective of space constraints! This show brings you the good news that you can get all you want with the little you have.

You don’t have to leave your beloved neighborhood or leave that property lying fallow. Small Space, Big Style shows you how to make the most out of limited spaces, optimizing every square foot you have to work with.

This series started in 2006 and aired for five seasons. There are currently 25 episodes available for streaming on Netflix.

Extreme Homes

Have you seen houses, taking the form of musical instruments or were shaped like animals? Have you ever fantasized living in a shoe or have homes located on rocks and seas?

If you are looking for something you have never seen before, check out extreme homes. These homes are built in any shape or form imaginable. You can live anywhere you desire, put fuel to the fire of your imagination!

Extreme homes promise fascinating and jaw dropping houses. These homeowners have thought outside the box to create one-of-a-kind living space.

The first episode of the series was in 1996 and aired for five seasons, which are available for streaming on Netflix.

Property Brothers

Follow the identical twin brothers as they transform worthless old houses and properties into a desirable homes.

Watch as Drew Scott convince their clients into buying old, neglected houses and Jonathan performs a miracle on these homes as they become renovated to taste.

With the Property Brothers, you get to see a miniature model of what the new house is going to look like. Thus, helping you make the hard decisions and  making sure you know if the risk is really worth taking.

The first episode of the series was in 2011, and aired for six seasons and 136 episodes which are available for streaming on Netflix.

Tiny House Builders

With tiny house builders, you can get a comfortable home in less than a week!

With creativity and imagination and of course affordability in mind, watch how tiny retirement homes, studios and other types of cute abodes are brought to life.

The simplicity of these houses and their facilities will suit your purpose, if you desire to stay in a cozy little apartment. The series lasted only two episodes which are available on Netflix.

Have you been meaning to hang that frame? Or fix that hole in the wall? Or paint over Pete’s eyesore of a mural from the last painting party you threw? Oh, Pete. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get motivated and actually do all the things you’ve been meaning to accomplish around the homestead. Well, look no further than Netflix streaming for your home improvement series fix.