Ed Delgado, Mortgage Leader, Returns to Five Star Institute

A graduate of New York Institute of Technology with a major in business administration and finance, Ed Delgado has been a force to reckon with since his early years. Mr. Delgado is a giant in the field of finance, boasting an impressive resume of employers and accomplishments. He is also a major part of his community, contributing a lot of his spare time to working with organizations that help to provide housing aid to immobilized veterans.

People may also recognize Mr. Delgado from his time hosting public discussions and forums with major political figures such as former President George W. Bush, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Career Highlights

Mr. Delgado shows true dedication to his work. His tenure at companies is generally incredibly long, and he seems to have always held some position of power. In fact, one cannot find a less than prestigious title for any job he has held. From 1988 to 1993, he was the Vice President of Business Operations at the Dime Savings Bank. In 1993, he became the Senior Manager of Business Operations for Freddie Mac, where he remained for nine years.

Delgado continued to collect impressive titles at prestigious companies, such as his seven-year run as Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. He served for two years as the CEO of the Five Star Institute, leaving for nine months to serve as the Chief Operating Officer for Wingspan Portfolio Advisors. While he was there, he spearheaded organizational efforts dealing with strategic business objectives. He did this while serving as a liaison between the company and various U.S. mortgage banks as well as private mortgage insurance. After that, the Five Star Institute proudly claimed him as their president and CEO. People at the company were thrilled to have Delgado back.

“We thoroughly respect the Wingspan brand and what it stands for, and though Ed’s tenure with Wingspan has been successful, we look forward to his return to take on a role that is analogous to that of an ambassador for the entire industry – an industry which faces certain transformation and unique challenges. Ed’s return to the Five Star Institute is indeed a phenomenal development for our organization,” said Mark Hulme, chairman of the Five Star Institute.


If one would think that Delgado’s career, outlined above, would be accomplishment enough, then they do not know Ed Delgado. Delgado is a member of several boards: He has been a member of the National Mortgage Servicing Association since March of 2012. Similarly, he has been a member of Legal League 100, which is comprised of the nation’s leading legal experts specializing in mortgage default and bankruptcy. He is also a council member of the National Advisory Council on Consumer Credit, which is a diverse group made up of financial, media, counselling, and academic leaders. This group brainstorms, explores, and develops strategy-based solutions that have to do with consumer credit and counselling.

Aside from being an active member of the financial community, he has also been officially awarded for his hard work. In September of 2015, he won the Operation Homefront Cornerstone Award for “generous efforts to build strong, stable, and secure military families,” which was presented to him by retired Brig. General John I. Pray, Jr.

He was also awarded the Military Warriors Leadership Award, which was presented by retired Lt. General Leroy Sisco. This award went to Mr. Delgado because of his hard work to try to provide mortgage-free houses to wounded veterans coming home from active military service in Afghanistan and Iraq. Furthermore, Delgado is highly praised by his contemporaries. He has over 100 sound endorsements for his business strategy, mortgage servicing, mortgage banking, loss mitigation, and risk management abilities. He also has an impressive 64 endorsements for his risk analysis and 29 endorsements for government affairs.

It is clear to anyone that Ed Delgado is a major asset to any company. With Mr. Delgado serving as Five Star Institute’s President and CEO, great success and publicity are sure to follow.