8 tips to land on more deals as a real estate agent

What would the world be like without real estate agents? They are the people who have been helping home buyers to buy and sell properties for decades and continue to be a large influence in the manner property transactions are done. However, in the digital age, it is all about innovating and making sure that the consumers have an easy and interactive user experience, meaning that real estate agents have to find some easier ways through which they can reach a larger audience. The majority of the homeowners go online to do their search for a property which makes social media the best chance for agents and consumers.

Go live

There is a Facebook service “Facebook Live for Business” that lets the users provide a behind the scenes, unedited look of a property. This is a great way to set things in motion and if you can promote the property before the listing goes up, it would truly give your audience a feeling of being in the inside scoop. The good thing with these videos is that they are outstanding at making sure that your audience is engaged and they are often ranked highly in the Facebook feeds.

Build up trust

This is a great way to make sure that you land on more deals as a real estate agent. You need to build trust with your clients and one way to make sure of this is by regularly sharing blogs, writing articles, publishing infographics and offer other free materials to help educate your audience, in the long run, this helps to build trust with your clients base. These clients become your referrals to help you capture even more leads. Offering free services and advice without pushing it to your prospects is a sure way to build trust.

After closing, follow up

You have to stay relevant after closing since it is so often that you will get back-to- back clients. Surprisingly, 70% of the homeowners completely forget who their agents was in just 12 months after closing. Who’s fault is it Homebuyers or the agents? Certainly, agents are they are supposed to follow up and keep close contact with their buyers. It all springs from building trust as an expert and staying connected.

Email your audience newsletters

You need to capture the email addresses of the new leads and also the current leads and customers which will help you to develop a real estate marketing email newsletter. With online email marketing platforms, this has become easy as they can help you produce a professional looking newsletter as well give you a performance track on the response to the email. The newsletter helps you stay connected and engaged with your audience.

Host seminars

This may seem like a lot of work but in real sense it is not. With marketing automations, seminars have become so easy to set up. Hosting requires promotion, and you can host seminars about anything in real estate from buying a home, understanding real estate, to selling a home. This is a sure way to win and land on more deals as a real estate agent.

Conduct customer surveys

There are a lot of benefits that comes with conducting seminars and one of them is that it helps you understand your audience better. Through the surveys you can identify the opportunities for improvement and also it exposes you more as a brand to your clients where they get to know that you value the quality of their experience. Give your audience the freedom to answer a survey when they want, you do not want to force them into it.

Do press releases

Is there anything interesting in your company that you’d like to share with your audience? Harness the power therein in press releases. It doesn’t matter the news you can write a little blurb about it and post it online. The key is to make sure that you use location terms like your city to help you with the search engine optimization.

Be a sponsor of a local event

One of the better ways of engaging with your audience is by sponsoring events that you like and care about in your local community. This is a sure way of demonstrating your interest in supporting the locals and also a great way to provide more interesting content for your followers.